Informed by an exploration into both the desire to imagine different worlds and the myriad strategies for achieving them, these works seek to uncover and reinterpret motives for operating outside of the status quo. Engaging playfully with materiality, craft, and historicity, I create objects and experimental sites that expose both the subversive qualities and escapist tendencies of fiction. Working in iterations, I repurpose media and components to build divergent narratives that move between actions and documentation. Objects, both found and made, serve as imperfect artifacts that become means of negotiating this reflexive process. These situations and environments are often models for operations once performed or yet to happen, or diagrams of absurd systems implying elements of participation. Drawing on sci-fi imagery, countercultural narratives and outsider ideologies, my work explores the potential of delusion and speculation in opening up spaces that conspicuously resist simple classification, and possibly promote unfamiliar kinds of empathy.