"'Heuristic' is a word that Nate Ricciuto has aptly used to describe his work. Nate utilizes a variety of media and objects to devise structures that both challenge, and yield, to the limits of design and representation. His craft gives form to greater questions of utility, objective, expectation, and understanding. Nate discusses his work as processes, and artifacts, of trial and error. The processes can be described in scientific terms, as formal experiments pertaining to the boundaries of matter, which then inform a relativistic perspective of substantive knowledge. Yet, Nate’s work retains levity and flexibility through his approach in manifesting these ideas. Measures and facts give way to theories that are tested and reconfigured. Intuition and resourcefulness transform his work into living systems, where function and description can become amorphous concepts."

            - Elizabeth Duntemann, Art History PhD cand. Temple University, Philadelphia, PA