The New Classics | Islip Art Museum

I'm really excited to be part of The New Classics group show at the Islip Art Museum in New York, curated by Rachel Rader and Ben Wright! The show will be on view until December, and the other exhibiting artists include; Megan Biddle, Beccy Feather, John Drury, Christopher Duffy, Elias Hansen, Eve Laramee and Esther Ruiz.

To define the 4th dimension of the glass world one must find the variables vibrating from the farthest cultural norms and well-traveled orbits of the masses; They must be so far off the atomic grid that they redefine it. The artists in this exhibition engage space, time, and pseudo-science with the sardonic wit of a home chemistry enthusiast.                            

Curators R. Rader & B. Wright